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How do I buy my first home?

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If this is your first home-buying experience, the best place to start is right here: Understanding mortgage basics. Take your time. It will start to make sense before you know it.

Don't let all the terms and ratios confuse you, we explain them in our mortgage definitions.

Your credit score is your ticket to the best financing available. Better know how it works before shopping for a loan: Understanding your credit score.

Know the legal lingo and Realtor-speak before heading into the open market: Real estate definitions.

Just how good a rate is available? Compare rates here: National and state averages

Need some expert advice? Bankrate expert Dr. Don answers some of the more frequently asked questions about mortgages. Or, submit your question to Dr. Don.


Find the best rate for you!

Do the math!
How large of a mortgage can you afford? Use this calculator to help you decide.

Pay points or a slightly higher interest rate? Compute your numbers here.

Fixed or variable rate? Fill in your information to find the best type of loan for your lifestyle.

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Understanding mortgage basics
Real estate definitions
Understanding your credit score
Compare rates locally and nationally
Mortgage archives
Ask Dr. Don

What can I afford?
Pay points or higher rate?
Fixed or variable?
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