Chapter 1: Withholding

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The government withholds your expected tax payment as you earn it, so filling out the W-4 form accurately will assure that you aren’t giving them too much now.

Look at every paycheck you get: There are federal taxes withheld. They take their share now and on April 15, you settle up with them — either you get some back or you pay them more. Determining how much you pay each week is done on the W-4 form. Here we’ll explain how to fill out the form so that you won’t owe Uncle Sam money at the end of the tax year — or worse, have to wait for a refund of the money you’ve overpaid. We’ll also remind you to adjust your withholding if you’ve had a change in your life status, such as a new baby or a new house.

What you can expect to learn from this chapter: