Transcript: Do friends cause debt?

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John Becker, Ph.D. / Psychologist: 30 – :36

Standup Intro: Most of us have friends who make more money then we do, and it can put you in situations that are hard to handle. In fact, sometimes it can be downright stressful trying to balance your friendship and your bank account. has some advice for those times when your finances and your friends don’t add up.

Voice over 1: Friends… we’ve all got them. But they can sure cost ya! If you’ve ever felt peer pressure to pick up a tab, take a trip you couldn’t afford, or buy something not in your budget, then you know friendships can be a major expense.

Voice over 2: In fact, a recent poll found that 46-percent of those surveyed sometimes feel peer pressure to spend too much. So what’s a friend with a big heart but a small budget to do?

FS EFX1: It starts with learning to appreciate yourself!

SOT1: ?I think people could get a sense of their own personal worth by reflecting on what their character is? what their values are.”

Voice over 3: So think about the qualities you bring to the friendship table.

SOT2: ?If you have a true friend, they value you for something well beyond your financial resources? and if they don?t then perhaps they are not a real friend.

Voice over 4: Other solutions? When something comes up you can’t afford, maybe an expensive dinner at an exclusive restaurant… suggest a lower-cost alternative. Remember, it’s the company that counts the most.

FS EFX2: And finally be ready with a list of reasons ready when you must say no. Truthful if possible: like putting your money into your home, or saving for vacation. Or even… you can’t afford it right now.

Standup: Your friends aren’t paying your bills! So you’ve got to decide what’s important to you and spend your money accordingly. If your friends are really your friends, they’ll understand. For, I?m Kristin Arnold.