Most interest rates crater in 2013

Most rates hit historical lows

Rates on mortgages, certificates of deposit, auto loans, home equity loans and credit cards each tell their own story of how the U.S. economy trekked through 2013 with mixed results.

Some rates offered good news, others created disappointment and still others barely budged.

"Once we adjust for changes in our survey group, credit card rates were pretty stable, ending the year up slightly as issuers did bump up some rates for more marginal borrowers," says Greg McBride, CFA, senior financial analyst for Still, CD rates got progressively worse.

Because auto loan rates continuously set record lows throughout the year, they were the shining stars of 2013, McBride says.

Home equity rates moved within a narrow range throughout 2013 while mortgage rates dished out the most shock value. "Owing to a big jump in the middle of the year, (mortgage) rates ended up well higher than at the beginning of the year," he says.

Here is a close look at how interest rates performed in 2013 and what it meant for your wallet.


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