Mortgage Rate Trend Index


Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Greg McBrideGreg McBride
CFA, Senior financial analyst,
Upbeat corporate earnings have put the worst economic fears to rest, but further increases in mortgage rates could be tempered by deflation worries stemming from Wednesday's Fed minutes and Friday's Consumer Price Index.
Holden LewisHolden Lewis
Senior reporter,
As rates have edged upward in the last few days, maybe it's a sign that they hit bottom.
Kevin BreelandKevin Breeland
General manager, Residential Mortgage of South Carolina, Mount Pleasant, S.C.
A well-respected economist in Seattle back in the '90s once answered a question about how low will rates go: "Well, they won't go to zero." I believe we are bouncing off the bottom and could see a slight uptick in rates over the next week, for no reason other than I just don't see rates going lower. Therefore, I will say they will be 0.125 percent higher by this time next week.
Dick LepreDick Lepre
Senior loan officer, RPM Mortgage, San Francisco
I am going to repeat what I said last week: The short-term Treasury technicals have turned bearish (lower prices, higher yields and mortgage rates). With the weekly tech bearish, we should see higher Treasury yields and mortgage rates for eight to 12 weeks. Rates will likely increase by no more than 0.25 percent from last week's bottom.
In the longer term, the monthly tech is bullish, which indicates the potential of even lower yields and rates the next time the weekly and daily are both bullish. Flat or lower third-quarter GDP would set off another wave of investor angst.
Tommy XintarisTommy Xintaris
Senior mortgage consultant, Houston
Risky business is going to be the phrase of the upcoming week. Investors will be pulling out of the bond market and wheeling and dealing in the riskier markets for better returns. Also, since gas prices are on the rise, that's usually a good indicator that mortgage rates aren't too far behind.

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