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Contacting mortgage servicers

If you're one of the millions of Americans falling behind on your house payments and you need to work something out with the mortgage servicer, you want to talk to someone in its loss mitigation department.

The following list contains the names of mortgage servicers and their phone numbers. In most cases, the numbers connect directly to the loss mitigation department, potentially bypassing time-consuming phone menus. However, you should still brace yourself for potentially long hold times, as these departments are often extremely busy.

At the start of your call, you'll probably hear a prerecorded voice warning you that your servicer may use information you provide to collect a debt. But don't let worries about your lender trying to garnish income keep you from being forthcoming with your financial information. Even if you wanted to hide income from a servicer, you probably couldn't, says Jim Diggs, vice president of counseling at Money Management International, a nonprofit consumer counseling agency.

"There's not much information a consumer can give (servicers) that they couldn't ascertain by themselves," Diggs says.

In fact, Diggs says, fully disclosing information about your income is key to keeping your home, because "(servicers) won't rewrite a mortgage or do a loan modification for someone who cannot prove that they can pay for it."

Mortgage servicers
Company namePhone number
Accredited Home Lenders (refinance)(877) 683-4466
American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.(877) 304-3100*
Aurora Loan Services(800) 550-0508
Avelo Mortgage LLC (no longer servicing loans -- see Litton Loan Servicing)(800) 603-4517
Bank of America(800) 846-2222
BB&T Mortgage(800) 827-3722*
Carrington Mortgage Services(800) 561-4567
Central Pacific Bank(800) 342-8422*
Charter One Bank (also CCO Mortgage and Citizens Bank)(877) 745-7366
Chase Home FinancePrime loans: (800) 848-9380
Subprime loans: (866) 665-7629
Chevy Chase Bank(866) 391-8688
CitiMortgage(866) 272-4749
Countrywide Home Loans(800) 669-6650
Downey Financial Corp.(800) 824-6902, ext. 6696
EMC Mortgage Corp.(888) 577-4011
EverHome Mortgage(800) 669-7724
First Horizon Home Loans (second mortgages)(800) 919-5376
Flagstar Bank(800) 968-7700, ext. 9780
Fremont Investment & Loan(866) 484-0291
GMAC Mortgage(800) 850-4622*
GreenPoint Mortgage Funding (now serviced by Countrywide)(800) 669-6650
Homecomings Financial(800) 850-4622*
HomeEq Mortgage Servicing(866) 822-1471
HSBC Mortgage Services (also HFC or Beneficial)(800) 365-6730*
Indymac Bank(877) 908-4357
Litton Loan Servicing(800) 603-4517
National City Mortgage(800) 523-8654
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co.(866) 350-8884
Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC(800) 746-2936*
Ohio Savings Bank (Now Amtrust)(800) 860-2025 ext. 8917
Option One Mortgage (Now American Home Mortgage Servicing)(877) 304-3100*
PHH MortgageFor borrowers facing delinquency:
(800) 330-0423*
For borrowers in foreclosure:
(800) 750-2518
Popular Mortgage Servicing(800) 383-2292
ResMae Mortgage Corp.(866) 794-8044, ext. 5944
Saxon Mortgage Services Inc.(888) 325-3502*
Select Portfolio Servicing(888) 818-6032
SunTrust Mortgage Inc.(800) 443-1032
U.S. Bank Home Mortgage(800) 365-7900
Wachovia Corp.(800) 642-0257*
Washington Mutual(866) 926-8937*
Wells Fargo(800) 416-1472

*No direct line to loss mitigation or loan resolution department.


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