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Money Market Mutual Funds
Taxable Money Market Mutual Funds
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Updated weekly: Money market comparison chart -- See in graphic form the latest rates on money market deposit accounts and money market mutual funds.

Money market fund fees going up -- Many funds stopped charging expenses when rates were low. Now that rates are heading higher, here come the fees.

Yields on the rise for money funds -- As the Fed pushes rates up, the yields on money market funds follow. Here's what you need to know to make smart decisions with your short-term cash.

Corporate money market accounts offer reward and risk -- They sport yields that are competitive with the best banks can offer, but no safety net.

Rating the money market funds -- Money market funds are a fixture in many portfolios, and we now have the rates for you.

Money market mutual funds vs. money market accounts -- Not sure of the difference between money market accounts and funds? We can help sort it out.

Is your money market fund costing you? -- Experts say to look beyond the yields when selecting a money market fund. Find one with low expenses that invests in top-quality securities.

Making the best of low-interest savings -- Don't let rotten rates bring you down. Try these strategies for maximizing your yield.

Building your emergency fund -- Most experts say you should have a large rainy-day stash. So how the heck do you get it?

The case for money market funds
Offset those volatile stocks in your portfolio with funds' steady return.

Minding your money market fund: Find the fees first
Investors escaping the volatile stock market should keep one thing in mind -- fees make a big difference.

Make the most of your money
Money market accounts -- maximize interest to speed up realizing your goals.

Sweep accounts
Sweeps accounts combine a checking account with an investment account.

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CDs and Investments
Compare today's rates
1 yr CD 1.06%
2 yr CD 1.18%
5 yr CD 1.80%

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