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Taylor Freitas

Contributor, Personal Finance
  • Real estate
  • Personal finance
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Southern California


Taylor Freitas is a Bankrate contributor with over a decade of professional journalism experience. Over her career, she has covered various topics, including personal finance, credit cards, travel rewards, home ownership, mortgages, and home improvement.

When she isn’t writing, Taylor can be found using points and miles to explore new countries (most recently, Cambodia and Vietnam), discovering new music, and cheering on her beloved USC Trojans.

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Taylor's latest articles

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    Cost of living in Las Vegas

    Vegas is expensive, but it’s still more affordable than many other cities in the West.

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    Cost of living in Arizona

    Prices in the Grand Canyon State can vary wildly depending on how close you are to Phoenix.

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    Eminent domain: What it is, how it works

    The principle of eminent domain allows governments to take over private property for public use. It’s a complicated and often controversial topic.

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    What is gross rent?

    Gross rent is the total amount it costs to rent a home — but it can get complicated if the landlord is advertising a net-effective rate.

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    Net effective rent

    It’s a math trick to make your monthly rent seem lower than it is.

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    What is a sub-agent?

    They deal with home buyers, but actually represent sellers. Bear that in mind if you use one.

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