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Credit score requirements for mortgages have inched up over the years.
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Beat 3 refinance hurdles

Hit a traffic jam of bad news on the way to refinancing your mortgage? Here's what to do.

6 questions on title insurance

Many buyers don't consider it. Here's how to ensure your title search and coverage is right for you.

Simple-interest savings add up

Making payments a month early reduces the interest expense on a simple-interest mortgage.

Coping with mortgage rejection

Your mortgage application has been rejected. Fear not: Here are some tips to deal with it.

Using first-time buyers credit

The federal economic stimulus plan aims to help homebuyers and the housing market.

How do I: Understand my mortgage?

Here's a guide to finding out what type of mortgage you have, and its terms and conditions.

Behind on mortgage again?

There are few options for someone in bankruptcy and who's already modified the mortgage once.

How long will low rates last?

Low rates and housing prices are making it attractive to buy a home. How long will it last?

Find the best mortgage rate

Follow these tips to get the best mortgage rate, whether you're buying your first home or refinancing.

Check credit before a refi

There are refinancing programs to fix your mortgage. But you'll still need a clean credit report.

First-time homebuyer deals

Mortgage deals and incentives give first-timers their best opportunity to buy in recent history.

Mortgage delinquencies hit high

Driven by job loss, two out of 15 mortgages were past due or in foreclosure in the second quarter.

No more tricks & traps pricing

Consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren explains how stronger rules will protect mortgage consumers.

Don't use 401(k) to refinance

It's likely a mistake to raid a 401(k) retirement fund and use the funds for a mortgage refinance.

LIBOR risk low for homeowner

A homeowner planning to move in a few years likely can handle the possibility of rising LIBOR rates.

Tactic won't slow foreclosure

A choice now about whether to pay down the first or second mortgage won't slow a future foreclosure.

Loan modification trial period

We answer 10 questions about how the required Home Affordable Modification trial period works.

40-year mortgage: a joke?

Borrowers may like lower payments, but a mortgage that lasts four decades isn't always best.

Is your agent tech-savvy?

The Internet is where it's at when selling homes these days. Is your selling agent wired?

Cash-out refinance sensible

The math suggests a cash-out home loan refinance may make the most sense.
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