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Taking cash out of your home

People are squeezing cash out of their houses to consolidate loans either through home equity loans or cash-out refinancing. What are the pros, the cons and the costs involved?

Financial blessing or potential pitfall . . .
Cash-out refinancing -- here's how it works
Explore the options before heading out to refi your castle.
Yes! Use home equity to consolidate debt
Bankrate financial expert George Saenz says convenience, lower payments and a tax break all make it smart to tap home equity to consolidate debt.
No! Don't use your home equity to consolidate debt
Keep your cotton-pickin' paws off your home-equity nest egg, says financial expert Dorothy Rosen.
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Frequently asked questions . . .
Inquiring readers ask about leveraging home equity.
Calculate it . . .
  Home equity loans vs. lines of credit


-- Updated: April 11, 2005





Home Equity
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$50K HELOC 4.05%
$30K Home equity loan 4.99%
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