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How do I get a better mortgage?

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Refinancing a mortgage can bring big savings. But, for some homeowners, it may not be the best financial move. Would a refi be a smart move for you?

Do you qualify for a competitive rate? A good credit score is your ticket. Find out how it works before shopping for a loan: Understanding your credit score.

Explore all the refi options available before settling with a lender. Options include:

Should you rush to refinance or sit tight? Each week our experts predict interest-rate movements. Find out what they're saying this week.

Don't let all the terms and ratios confuse you. We explain them in our mortgage definitions.

Need some expert advice? Ask our experts.




Just how good a rate is available? Compare rates here:

National and state averages

Find the best rate for you!

Do the math!
Will you save by refinancing? Compare your monthly savings with the cost of refinancing using this calculator.

Which would be best for you -- a 15-year mortgage or 30-year?

Should you roll the refi costs into the mortgage or pay out of pocket?

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FAQ about refinancing
How much do you know about refinancing?
Refinance tricks and traps
Understanding your credit score
FAQ on cashing out some of your home's equity
Mortgage definitions
National and state averages

Should you refinance?
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