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How to make money with your car

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If you are looking to make some extra cash, there are several ways to use your car as an income source — with or without you behind the wheel. Take advantage of the new age of side hustles and make some money with just your car.

7 ways to make money with your car

Here are seven ways to make money with your car with relatively little risk.

1. Use a rideshare app

If you have a good driving record, are at least 21 years old and have some extra time on your hands, working for a rideshare app is a great way to make money. There are a few options for becoming a local taxi driver. Uber and Lyft are the most popular and offer a great way to make money just by driving. If this fits into your schedule, consider weekend driving when “surge pricing” is present and you can make a few more bucks later at night.

2. Wrap your car with advertising

If you don’t mind your car being a moving billboard, then sign up with a car advertising company, which will “wrap” your car with advertising. You’ll get paid while you’re doing your regular driving. The amount you earn depends on your daily commute and the size of your car — which directly translates to the amount of advertising space. Some options for this include: Carvertise, Nickelytics and Wrapify

3. Work with a food delivery service

If you aren’t interested in driving with strangers, becoming a food delivery service driver might be the perfect opportunity for you. Similar to ridesharing apps, you sign up and get notifications to pick up and then drop off food for hungry customers. There are a few options here with varying benefits, including DoorDashUber Eats, and Grubhub.

4. Shop for groceries

Along the same line as working with a food delivery service is to shop and deliver groceries. Instacart and Shipt are two well respected options for this side hustle. You will receive a shopping list through the app, shop accordingly and then deliver the food to their home. Delivery drivers can make $10 to $25 an hour depending on the busyness.

5. Help move large objects

If you own a pickup truck or SUV, you can put it to work by transporting large items that don’t fit in other people’s cars. You can do this if you’re registered with a service like Uber, but a better option is a company like TaskRabbit, which allows people to hire you for specific tasks. You’ll get paid for your physical labor as well as the actual transportation.

6. Rent your vehicle out

If your car is collecting dust in the garage, renting it out can be a great way to make money back on an asset that isn’t being used. There are a few services available, but you would simply rent your vehicle out just as you might rent out a spare bedroom for a service like Airbnb. Turo and Getaround are great options for this.

7. Deliver for Amazon

Amazon Flex is an option for drivers to deliver directly for Amazon. There are a few shift options that are available, including local delivery for groceries and picking up for a warehouse. You can arrange your delivery windows around your availability, so it can be a great option if you’re busy with another job.

The bottom line 

There are a wide range of options available for car owners looking to make back money that they might have lost when purchasing their vehicle in the first place. Take advantage of the world of gig economy and make some extra cash behind the wheel of your own car. But before you do, make sure your auto insurance is up to date and factors in your new side hustle. 

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