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Finding an advisor you trust doesn’t have to be a hassle. We've teamed up with Zoe Financial to deliver a one-of-a-kind advisor matching experience. Answer a few quick questions and get matched to vetted financial advisors in minutes.

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Client reviews

“Zoe Financial recommended and connected us to a financial advisor that is working closely with us in a friendly, professional manner and who is making the most of our assets.”

client review

“For those looking for a financial advisor 
Zoe Financial made it very user friendly and easy to use. Thanks to the team for all 
their help!”

client review

“Phenomenally easy to use coupled with a world-class support team! Highly vetted advisors - you literally can't find this type of quality control with any company out there.”

client review
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The preceding testimonials are provided by current clients. Advisor does not seek out client testimonials, and all testimonials referenced are unsolicited. No compensation was provided for the testimonial and no material conflicts of interest are present as a result. These testimonials and endorsements do not guarantee a level of success, nor do they guarantee that all clients will have the same experience.

Find your best match 

You’ll only be matched with vetted financial advisors thanks to Zoe’s rigorous selection process. There are over 2,700 advisors available nationwide with the expertise you need to reach your goals. 
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Working with an advisor can boost your return by up to 3% or more on average
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25-Year Investment
say it’s worth the money
The majority of Americans with a financial advisor think it’s worth the cost.*
feel confident their savings will last
After working with a professional, most people feel reassured their retirement savings will last their lifetime.**
overestimate the cost of an advisor
Financial advisors use a wide range of pricing models like fee-for-assets and hourly rates.*
Loan Home Improvement
Saving for a home
Navigate one of life’s biggest expenses with expert support.
Savings Rate
Life and family planning
Manage your finances proactively to keep up with every family milestone.
Calendar X
Tax management
Optimize your filing to find tax breaks suited for your income.
Invest Portfolio
Managing investments
Plan a portfolio that meets your desired goals and risk tolerance.
Retirement planning
Come up with a retirement plan you can stick to that grows with time.
Navigating a windfall
Plan out your next steps if you find yourself with newly acquired capital.

Find expert support in all financial matters

Investing, planning for retirement and saving for a home are just a few areas a financial advisor can specialize in. Whatever your financial challenge is, there's a registered professional ready to help.
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