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8 nuttiest tax write-off attempts revealed

Skeleton slumped on notebook computer in office © iStock

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Did you hear about the write-off for Fido’s air miles? The tax-deductible office skeleton? The Harley-Davidson medical expense? Or the escort who, shall we say, worked from home?

Better call Saul, fellow taxpayers: This year’s annual installment of Bankrate’s craziest, real-life tax deduction tales is breaking bad, extracted without anesthesia from the limbic lobes of some of America’s finest — and sober — certified public accountants.

Past installments have included such ill-advised if not outright delusional tax dodges as meditation yurts, business toupees, friends with tax benefits, tricked-out Amish buggies, doctor-prescribed home gymnasiums, charitable human sperm donations and all manner of pet-related poppycock.

One disclaimer applies to all: Do not attempt these zany stunts on your own federal income tax return. While the IRS is not without a sense of humor, if the punch line to your tax return involves underreporting or filing false or misleading financial data, neither you nor the taxman will be laughing come April 15.

Submitted for your amusement: 8 madcap tax moves for 2015.