Closing costs
Loan amount: $200,000
Average origination fees charged by lender $1,539
Average title and third-party fees $3,169
Average total fees $4,708

Itemized fee averages

The fees itemized below, when added up, will not equal the averages listed above. Here’s why: Each bank charges some of the fees listed below, but not all of them. The list below gives the average for each fee if charged by the bank, but each bank will charge only some, not all, of these fees.

Origination fees charged by the lender
Points $661
Commitment fee N/A
Application $343
Document preparation N/A
Broker, originator or lender $881
Processing $495
Tax service $71
Underwriting $200
Wire transfer $25
Third-party fees
Appraisal $377
Attorney, closing or settlement $693
Credit report $13
Employment verification $15
Inspections (pest, etc.) N/A
Flood certification $9
Postage/courier $35
Survey $413
Title search and title insurance $2,465

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