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Airline and Travel Credit Cards

What is an airline credit card?

Are you in the market for a card that offers perks every time you travel? If you're a frequent traveler, airline cards from our partners offer advantages tailored to you. Earn frequent flier miles, bonus miles, hotel rewards and additional travel perks for everyday purchases. Rewards can be redeemed for discounts on flights or free stays at hotels, saving you money whenever you're on the road.

Who should get one?

Airline and travel cards are typically offered to individuals with good to excellent credit. You may not qualify if your credit is subpar.

Individuals who travel frequently for business or pleasure may benefit greatly from a travel card. Travelers can rack up frequent flier miles, discounts on car rentals and hotels, and receive other incentives when traveling. These cards can also be a boon for those who travel overseas. Some cards offer no foreign transaction fees, a perk that can keep you from racking up extra charges every time you swipe your card abroad.

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What are some pros and cons of airline cards?

These cards offer the ability to earn miles for everyday purchases. Some even offer bonus miles and perks on hotel stays, saving you cash every time you're away from home. That's a plus. But many airline credit cards come with annual fees, and some are high enough that they can put a dent in the overall rewards you receive. This is especially true if you aren't spending enough in order to earn bonuses or don't pay off your balance each month, negating your rewards with interest payments.

Tips on airline cards

Keep an eye on the annual fee when comparing cards. Airline credit cards may come with annual fees of $95 or more. It's important to calculate if the benefits you'll receive on an annual basis outweigh the cost of using the card.

In addition, because these cards often charge a higher interest rate, it's best to stay away from carrying a balance. Otherwise, the interest you're charged could cancel out the rewards you earn.

Learn more about this type of card by browsing our list of the best travel credit card deals.

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