The Loan Estimate: What it tells you about a mortgage offer


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How much is this mortgage going to cost me? How much would the closing costs be for this mortgage? And how do the closing costs compare with other loan offers?

You’ll find the answers to those and other questions by reading and comparing the Loan Estimate, a 3-page document that summarizes the details of a loan offer, including:

  • Loan amount, interest rate and estimated monthly payments.
  • Itemized closing costs and how much cash you’ll need at closing.
  • Your total costs in the first 5 years of the loan.
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) and total interest percentage (TIP).
  • How much late payments will cost.
  • How often the payments can change, and by how much (if it’s an adjustable-rate mortgage).
  • Whether the loan is assumable, and other important elements.

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Guide to the Loan Estimate

Each of the following questions will take you to a brief description of where to look on the Loan Estimate to get an answer.

How much will my payments be for this mortgage?

How much will my payments be for this mortgage?

Here’s where can you find the estimated monthly mortgage payments on the Loan Estimate.

What’s the interest rate on the mortgage?

See how the interest rate calculation is presented in the new Loan Estimate.

How much will I pay for mortgage closing costs?

Mortgage closing costs appear twice in the Loan Estimate. Here’s where.

How much cash to close?

How much cash will you need at closing? See how to find out on the Loan Estimate.

How do I compare loan offers?

The Loan Estimate helps borrowers compare loan offers. See how to do it.

How accurate is the mortgage Loan Estimate?

See where the mortgage Loan Estimate has to be exact and where it has wiggle room.

Will this mortgage trip me up?

The Loan Estimate will show you if there are any risky features in this mortgage.

Is this an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Can the interest rate change? The Loan Estimate shows you if it can and when.

Has my mortgage rate been locked?

The Loan Estimate shows you if you’ve locked your interest rate and how long it will remain at that rate.

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