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Bankrate's list of all FREE CD Widgets

We have grouped all our certificate of deposit-related free content into this one, easy-to-use section. Simply choose the CD and investment widgets you would like on your site and add them to your pages. We make sure your content always stays up to date!

Simple Savings Calculator Widget:

See how quickly you will reach your savings goal with compounding interest.

Investing Calculator Widget:

This calculator determines the investment required to meet your long-term savings goal.

Compare CD Rates Widget:

Compare national or local rates available on a range of CD and investment products, including jumbo CDs.

CD & Investment Stories Widget:

Get the latest stories about certificates of deposit or CDs, and or investment products delivered automatically to your website. You choose the font, color, size and number of articles to display.

CD Rate Averages Widget:

We compare rates daily across multiple CD and Investment products to calculate a national overnight CD average.

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