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Cash-back credit cards tempt consumers but are coming with bigger caveats and fewer rewards.
Finding the right cash-back credit card for your spending habits can be tricky. Which is best?
Check out's 2013 Credit Card Cash-Back Rewards Survey, which includes 54 cards.
Not playing your rewards cards right can leave free money on the table. Here's how to play the game.
Want to swim with sharks? Or take a ride in a fighter jet? There's a rewards card for that.
What's the best credit card rewards program for you? Here's some advice from "The Points Guy."'s 2012 credit card rewards survey reveals which cards offer generous cash back.
With escalating fees and fares, airline rewards credit cards may seem more attractive than ever.
Bankrate's Credit Card Rewards Survey reveals standout offers among typical cash-back rates.
Rising gas prices got you down? Get more gas for less cash with a rewards card.
All aboard! Learn these credit card tips for charging your way to enviable vacations.
Credit card issuers are promoting a flurry of holiday stocking stuffers. Here's a roundup of the deals available.
Bankrate's 2011 Credit Card Rewards Survey reveals how issuers react to new laws.
Like to shop? And like to travel? Consider a credit card with air mile rewards.
Don't just buy stuff with your credit card rewards. Pay your taxes or invest in an IRA.
Plan to carry a balance on a new credit card? Here's how to get the most from low card rates.
Common mistakes using credit cards often lead to debt, fees and penalties. Here's how to avoid them.
It may sound counterintuitive, but micromanaging your credit card rewards isn't necessarily a good idea.
Credit card rewards have to be earned and redeemed. You can use these card perks immediately.
Many credit cards offer ways to get deals and discounts when you shop. Here's how to find the promotions.
Some credit cards offer travel rewards points. Ponder these options before settling on one.
Bankrate surveyed 32 credit cards to find the best cash-back deals.
Which credit card offers the best cash-back rewards? Read Bankrate's survey to find out.
Rewards cards aimed at the super-rich are proliferating. Are the super-services worth it?
Had enough of credit card rewards? Debit cards and store-loyalty programs can replace them.
Learn about the cash-back rewards from American Express Blue Cash credit card.
Learn about the cash-back rewards from Bank of America Accelerated Cash Rewards American Express.
Learn about the cash-back rewards from Chase Sapphire with Ultimate Rewards.
Known as the "White card," this Visa requires you to have an affiliation with a partner or cardholder.
Choosing the right credit card rewards program can help a smart borrower get through the recession.
Only responsible credit card users should mess with rewards credit cards. These cards typically have higher interest rates than nonrewards cards, so they make sense only if you can pay your balances off each month. Otherwise, those interest payments will negate the rewards. Defaulting will also zap your earnings, so you have to keep your account in good standing.
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