Barbara Corcoran | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Barbara Corcoran

Net worth: $80 million (as of February 2017)
  • Year of birth: 1949
  • Education: Thomas Aquinas College

How Barbara Corcoran’s net worth was built

Businesswoman and investor of ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank” reality show, Barbara Corcoran arrived at her multimillionaire status in 2001 when real estate giant NRT Inc. purchased her real estate company and data trend report called “The Corcoran Report,” for $66 million. Some reports say the number was closer to $70 million.

As a D student in high school and college, Corcoran floundered around in 22 jobs before deciding on real estate. She took a personal $1,000 loan in 1973 to open The Corcoran Group, her real estate company in Manhattan.

In the 1980s, the boom in cooperative buildings in Manhattan made her clientele, made of celebrities, grow and her business explode. Corcoran admits that she made her mark and her millions through feisty marketing moves that made her business look larger and more successful than it really was.

Not every move was successful, she admits, including a short-lived website, with international listings that she thought would catapult her company overseas.

After selling her company and focusing on late motherhood, Corcoran authored books, including “Shark Tales” published in 2011, written after joining the “Shark Tank” in 2009. Since then, she has successfully invested in numerous companies, adding to her net worth.

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What she’s up to now

Corcoran’s wealth may grow as she continues to appear as a regular investor on “Shark Tank.” She also will continue to take her business expertise on the road with speaking engagements, talking to high-profile companies and coaching entrepreneurs at various venues.

Corcoran plans also to invest independently in companies, most notably through crowdfunding efforts.

Still, she remains in the real estate industry’s limelight. Look for Corcoran at the Champions School of Real Estate, where she is the keynote speaker in 2017. She’s also featured in a documentary filming in 2017 called “Think: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich.”


“Shark Tank,” which costars Corcoran, has won nine awards and 19 nominations for best or outstanding reality series since it began airing in 2009. The show has won Emmy Award Awards, most notably for Best Structured Reality Program. However, the Sharks are not eligible to win because they are not producers of the show, much to Corcoran’s disappointment.