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Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card adds benefits, increases annual fee

With these changes, is the Chase Sapphire Reserve still worth the price for you?

Visa warns of credit card fraud attacks at gas pumps

Fuel merchants are increasingly popular targets for fraud and have seen a rise in these attacks, according to Visa.

Looking back at a cautious year in credit cards

Credit card industry analyst Ted Rossman would pick “cautious” as the word that best describes the year 2019.

Earn big this holiday season with a rewards credit card

Using a cash-back or rewards credit card can help you rack up points on your holiday spending.

How to maximize credit card rewards

The point of having a rewards credit card is to get back some of what you put out, while enjoying perks along the way. Here’s how to maximize your credit card rewards.

Average credit card debt in the U.S.

Average credit card debt varies by state, with Alaskans and those on either coast generally carrying more debt than those living in the midwest.

The Best Credit Cards of 2019

The Best Credit Cards of 2019

The results are in! From generous rewards, to balance transfers and cards that can help you build credit, find the one that is perfect for you.

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Latest Credit Card News Articles