Lauren Ward

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Lauren Ward has nearly 10 years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, and She covers auto, homeowners, and life insurance, as well other topics in the personal finance industry.

Lauren's Latest Articles

  • 7 steps to prepare your home for winter

    All seasons affect your home, but perhaps no other season impacts it more than winter. The cold temperatures, wind, snow and freezing rain combine to make it a season not to be ignored. To ensure you do [...]

    4 min read Oct 27, 2020
    A man holding an armful of chopped wood enters his home while his black dog stands outside on the deck wanting to play. It is snowing.
  • Is homeowners insurance required?

    Owning a home comes with a lot of expenses, from upfront closing costs to ongoing maintenance and repairs. With so many costs, you may look for ways to save money. But if you’re wondering, “Is homeowners [...]

    3 min read Oct 19, 2020
    Man sits in the living room on the floor in front of the television with his kids and the family dog.
  • HO-5 insurance

    HO-5 offers substantial coverage to homeowners with fewer exclusions compared to other types of policies. It’s ideal for anyone looking for the most comprehensive policy to protect their home and belongings. [...]

    4 min read Oct 12, 2020
    Hispanic family enjoying a nice dinner out on the porch.
  • HO-1 Insurance

    Choosing the right homeowners insurance is an important decision to protect your home, belongings and other assets. If you are looking for basic coverage, HO-1 might be what you want. What is HO-1 insurance? [...]

    4 min read Oct 02, 2020
    Asian gay couple chopping up fruit in the kitchen.