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Carly Severino

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  • Developed various websites for insurance companies like Birtwhistle & Livingston, Inc., GovTech Insurance and Tax Title Services


Carly Severino is a contributing insurance writer for Bankrate. She has experience in writing for insurance domains such as, and She has experience covering a broad range of insurance products, including homeowners, life, auto, and medical insurance. Her expertise has also been called upon in the development of various websites for insurance companies, including Birtwhistle & Livingston, Inc., GovTech Insurance and Tax Title Services.

Carly's Latest Articles

  • Lesbian couple reviewing their finances

    SR-22 Virginia

    Drivers who are convicted of serious traffic violations in Virginia may be required to hold an SR-22 certificate in order to reinstate their suspended license. Commonly referred to as SR-22 insurance, [...]

    5 min read Feb 12, 2021
  • An Asian woman recovering from cancer looking at options with a physician

    Life insurance with pre-existing conditions

    Finding affordable life insurance when you have pre-existing conditions can be a huge challenge. High-risk life insurance policies are typically much more expensive and limited in their benefits offerings [...]

    6 min read Feb 11, 2021
  • Flooded streets in New Jersey (Trenton)

    New Jersey Flood Insurance

    When we think of flooding, we tend to associate such incidents with southern states such as Florida or Louisiana. But according to FEMA, 99% of counties in the United States have experienced a major flooding [...]

    3 min read Dec 16, 2020
  • An 18-wheeler and a small blue car half-submerged in a flooded roadway.

    Pennsylvania Flood Insurance

    Obtaining a homeowners’ insurance policy is essential for those seeking protection for their personal property. However, many homeowners may not realize that coverage for water damage due to flooding [...]

    3 min read Dec 15, 2020