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Like many other credit card companies Visa offers an assortment of credit cards for every type of consumer, business owner, financial institution or even millionaire with the card that fits their special needs.


Visa offers a sense of security to every cardholder. They are committed to the safety of their customers and have set up multiple ways to prevent fraud, identity theft and counterfeiting into their system. They have a team specifically designed to fight off hackers in order to protect your money and your identity. Click here to see the Visa credit card offers.

Visa has been a leading credit card company since its launch in 1958 in Fresno, California as a revolving credit company named BankAmericard. After 18 years of learning the credit card industry the company changed its name to Visa in 1976. In 1983 Visa built even more on their, "anytime, anywhere" marketing promise by adding more 24-hour cash access around the world. Over the 40 years in which Visa has been in business many changes and advances have occurred within the company. Visa has been the leader in a multitude of credit card modernizations including being the first card system to offer multiple-currency clearing and settlement providing monetary establishments with more efficient transactions as well as improving compensation methods.

Today, Visa is truly everywhere you want to be. From the U.S. all the way across the 7 seas it has used innovation, dedication and knowledge to expand into what today has emerged into one of the most prestigious credit card companies in the world. Visa caters to over 170 countries and works whole-heartedly with merchants, stock holders, financial institutions and the everyday consumer to make global commerce more efficient and pleasurable.

To research Visa and unearth all the offers they have available log on to their website,

To contact Visa via mail use the address below:
Visa Inc.
P.O. Box 8999
San Francisco, CA 94128-8999

Or call 1-800-VISA-911 for customer assistance.


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