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How much do you need to borrow?

The cost of a college education varies widely, depending on the choice of public vs. private and in-state vs. out-of state, scholarships, grants and, of course, student loans. To get a general idea, though, consider the following research:

Average costs of college, 2017-18 academic year

Tuition and fees Room and board Books and supplies Transportation and other Total
Public college $3,570 $8,400 $1,420 $4,190 $17,580
Public college (in-state) $9,970 $10,800 $1,250 $3,270 $25,290
Public college (out-of-state) $25,620 $10,800 $1,250 $3,270 $40,940
Private college (not-for-profit) $34,740 $12,210 $1,220 $2,730 $50,900

Source: The College Board’s Trends in College Pricing 2017

Things to learn about student loans

Looking at the costs of going to college, student loan repayment may seem pretty intimidating. Before you get discouraged, consider this possibility: You may not have to borrow as much money as you think.

According to a 2016 report by the student loan company Sallie Mae, student borrowing to pay for college averaged just 13% of the total cost while parent borrowing averaged 7%. So where does the rest of the money come from? The Sallie Mae report shakes out like this:

34% — Scholarships and grants

29% — Parent income and savings

20% — Student and parent borrowing (combined)

12% — Student income and savings

5% — Help from relatives and friends

Although estimates vary, today’s typical student borrower graduates with about $37,000 in college loan debt. While that number is no tidy sum, it is manageable — especially if you follow some expert advice on ways to repay your student loans fast.

First things first, though. Educate yourself, use the student loan calculator to estimate your repayment schedule, and get the best deal from one of the country’s best lenders.

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