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Putting down lots of money to trim a car loan is one option for idle cash, but here are others.
Not sure where to find the best auto loan rates? Follow these tips to find a loan for your budget.
Buying a car without good credit? You may need to decide between an auto loan and a dealer rebate.
Buying a home or a car? You may need to come up with a small portion of the total purchase price.
In the market for used auto loans? Before you sign, know the steps for getting a good deal.
Find out how to use an auto loan calculator and the first steps in getting your monthly car payment.
Finding auto loan rates is easy. But knowing if your rate is truly the best means research.
Pump up your retirement account while paying in interest on a loan from your Thrift Savings Plan.
To get the greatest savings, you will need to pay the loan balance as soon as possible.
Depending on how interest is calculated, you may be stuck paying the entire loan term.
Auto loan calculators can save you some serious money. Here are four ways to use them.
Often, car buyers go to the dealer and finance right there. Here's where to shop for auto loans.
Bankruptcy doesn't have to mean losing your wheels. What can you do to keep them?
Snag a great rate by researching auto loan quotes before you head to the dealer.
Experts predict attractive rates on car loans, but do your homework to drive the best bargain.
Auto refinance loans work for some borrowers, but not all. Learn the basics of auto refi.
Finding auto loan rates is easy. What you do next is crucial when considering an auto loan.
Ask lenders three questions to get a favorable auto loan without any surprise fees down the road.
To find the best auto loans, do your research ahead of time by approaching local lenders. Here's how.
There are deals out there on auto refinance loans. Here's how to save on a car loan modification.
Agreeing to pay a loan after it's cleared by bankruptcy is only beneficial in a few instances.
Auto loan rates are low, but dealer options that you may not need can add to the cost of the loan.
Auto loan rates are more negotiable than many people think. Here's how to find the lowest rates.
Zero percent car loans are nice, but a rebate may cover your down payment. What's your choice?
Give your credit a tune-up before you car shop. It might steer you to a better car loan rate.
Trying to get a car loan when you don't have credit? Hit the road to good credit with these tips.
About to miss a car payment? Try one of these methods to lessen the financial burden.
Working through a dealer to snag a car loan can be tricky. Follow these hints to get the best terms.
Don't be duped by the dealer. Avoid these costly car financing missteps.
Wondering whether you should refinance your car? This short primer should help you decide.
Avoiding auto loan debt can be challenging, but following these tips can help you manage your debt.
Dealers that don't pay off the loan on your trade-in can leave you toting the note.
When a judge won't reaffirm a car loan, it's time to appeal to the lender, says the Bankruptcy Adviser.
Plenty of lenders will want to offer you money at outrageous rates, says the Bankruptcy Adviser, but good deals are available if you look hard enough.
Securing a lower interest rate is smart, but don't let your savings get swallowed up in fees.
Don’t get sucked into financing with your dealer. We’ll tell you why, and how to finance with finesse.
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