Auto rates for Aug. 23, 2012


I'm Greg McBride with and here is your weekly look at auto loan rates.

Rates for both new and used car loans tumbled again, resetting record lows in the process. The average 5-year new car loan rate fell to 4.38 percent. On used car loans, the average 4-year loan rate is now 5.01 percent. The spread between new and used auto loan rates hasn't been this narrow in nearly two years.

Having monthly car payments automatically deducted from your checking account is an easy way to shave an additional quarter percentage point or more off your interest rate with some lenders. No more worries about the due date, getting online to make the payment, or having postage stamps on hand. The lender simply removes the payment on a specific day each month from an account you designate. This is an easy way to save interest costs and eliminate the risk of any late fees.

You can shop around to find those ultra-low car loan rates in your area by visiting the free search engine at

I'm Greg McBride.



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