Auto rates for May 2, 2013


I'm Greg McBride, senior financial analyst with, and here is your weekly look at auto loan rates.

New-car loan rates inched lower, reversing last week's move, with the average four-year loan rate retreating to 4.03 percent and the average five-year rate now at 4.11 percent. Yes, that's right. The rate is higher on a longer-term loan, which negates some of the benefit of stretching the loan to get a lower monthly payment. Of course, the other risk of stretching into a longer-term loan is being upside-down -- or owing more than the car is worth -- for a longer period of time. After all, vehicles depreciate the fastest right after they're driven off the lot.

Used-car loan rates were unchanged, with the average four-year used-car rate holding at 4.51 percent.

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I'm Greg McBride.


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