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Dealers apply for multiple car loans. If one is denied, does it affect another that's approved?
The car loan has become a vehicle for the latest scam. Steer clear of fraud, using our road map.
A car loan can be denied post-deal. If it's too long after, you should check with authorities.
Some say it will hurt your credit score to pay off your car loan early. Here's what really happens.
A car loan refi would seem obvious at today's rates, but it might not be worth the bother.
Follow these steps when taking a blank check from your lender to a car sale to streamline the deal.
Reaffirming your car loan might be possible, but negotiating a lower payment, too? Not likely.
A bank settlement sounds like a good deal, but find out the implications for your credit score.
A car loan rate shouldn't exceed your state's usury rate. Find out what you can do if it does.
Here's some credit damage control if you vouch for someone else's car loan, and it goes unpaid.
Want to share car ownership? Check on whether your insurance and auto loan should change.
Lenders would rather not repo a car. Here's how to get the bank to restructure your auto loan.
You may be faced with a car loan refi offer that doesn't cut the cost enough. What can you do?
If you have no credit, co-signing a car loan with someone who does can help, but it's risky.
Buying a new car but your trade-in won't cover your old car loan? These are your options.
Sounds simple, but don't buy a car you can't afford. Shop within these guidelines.
Buying a car online is a good way to negotiate a fair price without resorting to haggling.
A car-buying service can save money. Follow these tips to decide if it's right for you.
Making half a car payment can help you save money, but check on dealer limitations first.
Reaffirming a car loan in bankruptcy can have negative consequences if you aren't careful.
You can get a car loan with a low credit score, but driving away with a good rate is another matter.
Ownership is sticky when a loan's primary borrower dies and the co-signer doesn't inherit the car.
Refinancing your car into your own name could protect a spouse in the event of your death.
If you pay more in interest than in principal, go for a car loan refi to lower the rate.
It's just like every other car payment. Miss it and the repo man will pay you a visit.
Bankrate's survey finds that today's car shoppers are most concerned with price and fuel economy.
If at first you don't refinance, try, try again. Lenders are loosening car loan credit.
Nab the best deal on new-car financing by checking the numbers and doing your homework.
The only way to get out of a car loan and keep your car is to pay it off.
Can't beat a bad credit rap in the short term? You can still shave your car loan costs.
If you want to make up for a crazy-high interest rate, pay an extra $100 every month.
For the bank to release your car's title, you'll have to pay all loan fees in arrears.
Want to lower your monthly costs? Get more mileage out of a cheaper car loan.
To get the best auto loan rate, take these steps to improve your credit score.
After you've driven a car off the lot, can a lender turn down a car loan?
Know your rate and borrowing terms before you seek the best deal on new-car financing.
Car loans can seem mysterious to the buyer. Learn these common car financing mistakes before you buy.
There's more than one way to finance a new car. Ponder these points before choosing one.
What a dilemma -- whether to pay off a mortgage or car loan? Consider these points before deciding.'s car loan calculator can help you find the best deal and one that you can afford.
Use these three strategies to get the best deal you can on your next car loan.'s car loan calculator can help you find the best, most affordable deal for you.
If you have good credit, you may be able to cut the interest rate on your car loan. Here's how.
Consider these factors before deciding to reaffirm a car loan or get a new one to repair credit.
Don't be fooled by the dealer. Do your research ahead of time to find the cheapest car loans.
Dodging a drop in your car's value would seem a stretch, but you can avoid a car-loan catastrophe.
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