National auto loan rates for Nov. 17, 2011

Interest Rate Roundup
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  • 5.34% (60-month, new car)
  • 6.35% (36-month, used car)

Auto loan rates were unchanged this week. The average rates for 48-month and 60-month, new-car loans eased along at 5.31 percent and 5.34 percent, respectively.

Used-car loan rates were also static. The average rate for a 36-month, used-car loan remained at 6.35 percent.

A Chevrolet Volt plug-in electric car caught fire following a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash test this spring, according to a report in The Detroit Free Press. The fire, which occurred three weeks after the test as the wrecked vehicle sat outside at an NHTSA facility, could prompt government officials to take a closer look at how first responders should handle accidents involving plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

One possibility is requiring first responders to use a tool developed by the automaker to drain the car's battery at the site of the accident.




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