National auto loan rates for Dec. 30, 2010

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Auto Loans

  • 6.21% (60-month, new car)
  • 7.19% (36-month, used car)

Here's a look at the state of auto loan rates from's weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts conducted Dec. 29, 2010.

Auto loan rates were a mixed bag this week. The average rate for a 48-month new-car loan fell 4 basis points to 6.18 percent while the 60-month, new-car loan rate gained 2 basis points to 6.21 percent.

The average rate for a 36-month used-car loan rose 1 basis point to 7.19 percent.

Be sure to lock your car on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day is the worst day for auto thefts -- or the best if you're a car thief.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau ranked the holidays for auto thefts in 2009, USA Today reported Tuesday in a story.

According to their list, 2,760 vehicles were reported stolen last New Year's Day. The least-busy holiday for thefts was Christmas Day, with 1,336 vehicles stolen.

Apparently even car thieves take some time off at Christmas, but they quickly get back to work to on Jan. 1.

To find updated auto rates in your area, visit Bankrate's auto rate table.

-- Sheyna Steiner




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