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What is a gas credit card?

Gas rewards cards offer rebates, points or cash-back for fuel purchases. Whether you call the highway your home, have a long commute or just want to save some cash, gas cards from our partners can keep more money in your wallet at the pump. Earn rewards and rebates on fuel and other everyday purchases.

Who should get one?

Like most rewards cards, these are designed for and offered to those with excellent credit. You may not qualify for one of these cards if your credit is lacking.

These are ideal cards for individuals who commute long distances, who drive frequently for work or do a lot of city driving. With gas rewards cards, you can earn better-than-average rebates on fuel purchases at most gas stations. They can also be beneficial for parents who frequently taxi children to and from activities.

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What are some pros and cons?

If you log a lot of miles on the road, you can effectively reduce your overall fuel costs with gas credit cards. The more gas you buy, the more you save. That's a plus. But outside of fuel rewards, perks for non-gas purchases typically aren't as good as other rewards cards.

Tips on gas cards

Compare cards thoroughly and think about where you purchase fuel. If you frequently buy from a single brand, a credit card sponsored by a gas company might be most beneficial. Otherwise, look for credit cards that offer a bigger reward for gasoline purchases in general.

In addition, look for cards with no annual fee and perks for non-gas purchases.

And make sure to pay off your balance each month to avoid negating your earned rewards.

Browse our broad selection of gas credit cards and start reducing your fuel costs.

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