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The second time you fall
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The second time you fall

Maybe Ol' Blue Eyes had it right: For many people, love is lovelier the second time around.

Nevertheless, a later-in-life wedding often requires as much, if not more, planning as a ceremony for a young couple just starting out -- though of a different variety.

A 20-something bride may be dreaming about raising a perfect family, for instance, while a young groom could be concerned about how they'll buy their first house.

For older newlyweds, concerns may range from letting adult children know how this changes their inheritance picture to having two houses and just one household.

The good news is, effective planning and communication can smooth over most, if not all, of these transitions.

As Frank Sinatra crooned, love's more comfortable the second time you fall. Here's how to avoid tripping on all the legal and financial issues as you walk toward the aisle.




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