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PLUS: Colleges do the math -- and payday lenders flunk

Off to College Series
Off to college

It's time to head back to campus. Pack your trunk with financial tips. Bankrate.com features a five-part special series on college life and money.
Off to College: Credit Card 101 Get ready! Credit card applications will flood campus mail as soon as students arrive
By Lucy Lazarony

PLUS: Tips for avoiding credit card trouble

Off to College: Student accounts Checking 101: Basic deals for college students
By Michelle Samaad

PLUS: What to look for in student bank accounts

Off to College: How to pay Tapping into home equity can be a good way to finance those tuition bills
By Michael D. Larson


Off to College: Dorm or condo?

Is it better to buy a condo with a cheap adjustable-rate mortgage, or send junior off to bunk in the dorm?
By Michael D. Larson

Table: Run the numbers

Off to College: Smart Cards All-in-one smart cards with the cash-loaded stripe are a big hit on campus
By Lucy Lazarony

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