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Bankrate's 2007 New Car Guide
The auto world is changing rapidly. MPGs outrank HPs and RPMs; Japan tops Detroit and Americans cut back on driving. Read on
What's hot?
Everything new for 2008 plus a new interactive device for choosing the best car for you -- whether you're into style, performance or "going green." Read on
Going green
Environmental concerns among Americans has extended into the world of autos -- from manufacturers to dealers and right down to the cars we drive. Read on
For women mostly
Women today buy 46 percent and influence more than 80 percent of all new car purchases. No wonder manufacturers and dealers have taken notice. Read on
Dollar$ & $en$e
Status and styling aside, many car purchases boil down to bucks and budgets. Prices climb but there's usually a new set of wheels for most lifestyles. Read on
Tools & resources
How much money should you put down? What will your monthly payment be? Use these calculators to help make your car-buying decision. Read on
Our guide for 2007 is chock full of a dozen interactive tools and slideshows designed to make your trip through our roundup more informative and interesting than ever. Read on
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