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How do I cut my taxes?

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Knowledge is power. Looking for some power over your taxes? Brush up on the specifics of the tax laws that affect you. Here in plain English, we explain the basics of paying and saving on federal taxes.

Unless you are a CPA, you probably find the language used in the tax forms a bit confusing. Use our handy definitions to become IRS-fluent.

To save money on taxes, you have to keep up with the latest changes in the law. We do it for you. Peruse our easy-to-navigate Tax News and start saving today!

Need tax help? Our one-stop Tax Tool Box has everything you need to get your taxes done, from the forms to avoiding an audit to getting the paperwork to the IRS on time.

Mistakes cost money -- especially when it comes to taxes. Click here to discover some of the common pitfalls in filing.


Depending on where you live, your state wants a chunk of your income too. Check out the latest changes in your state's tax laws.

Time to file, time to save. Are you claiming all that you are entitled to deduct? See individual tax tips.

Need some expert advice? Check here to see other reader's questions or ask our Tax Adviser yourself.

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Tax rules made easy
IRS definitions
Tax News
Most common filing mistakes
Ever-changing state laws
Individual tax tips
Ask our Tax Adviser
Tax toolbox
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