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Debt Management 2006

Bad credit

  When your credit rating is in a deep hole it's tough to get a good foothold.
A bankruptcy timeline
What happens before, during and after bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Timeline
Warning! Bankruptcy approaching Alert! Bankruptcy dead ahead Cut back Prepare Seek counseling Seek an attorney File bankruptcy Personal financial course Finance a vehicle 341 meeting Chapter 7: Discharge FHA-insured mortgage Unsecured credit card Purchase home FHA-insured mortgage Chapter 13: Discharge Drops off credit report Drops off credit report
[click circles to view timeline stages] 
How it works
Click on each of the circles in the above illustration. Each circle will provide the details of what you can expect at that point in time, from the point of declaring bankruptcy to 6 months into bankruptcy and 10 years forward.
This Bankrate bankruptcy timeline should be considered a guide, not a road map. In most cases, the timing is approximate and will vary based on the filer's individual circumstances.
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