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An assumable mortgage is nice when you're selling a home during a time of rising rates.
Weigh these factors when deciding if a reverse mortgage or HELOC is best to ease a cash crunch.
Your mortgage is considered delinquent when you have fallen way behind on house payments.
This clause stipulates that the mortgage must be paid off and can't be transferred when the property is sold.
This type of mortgage can help buyers get into higher-priced properties.
Need to offer a home in winter? Try these pointers and let it sell, let it sell, let it sell.
It's tougher to get a mortgage today. But shoring up your credit and other moves can lead to success.
Your ideal mortgage lender may be online. Search for a few, then ask these questions.
With a buy-down loan, a borrower can pay a fee for a lower interest rate for the first few years.
While you might think this has something to do with Christmas, its meaning just isn't very merry.
Mortgage rates scarcely moved, but expect them to move after the Fed's policy announcement.
Rates sink on rumors central banks will open money faucets. Is your refi circling the drain?
Mortgage rates finally fall after having risen four weeks in a row. Time to refinance?
If Congress ushers in another recession, will that be good for mortgage rates, or bad?
Mortgages have risen three weeks in a row. Here's why you still have time to refinance.
The perks of being landlocked: Low mortgage closing costs live in the middle of the country.
Mortgages are still low, and underwater homeowners are refinancing in big numbers.
Buying a home from a seller with an attractive mortgage rate? It may be possible to assume the loan.
With this type of home loan, you can reduce your mortgage rate for a price.
Looking for low mortgage closing costs in New York or Texas? Fuhgeddaboudit, pardner!
One state in the Midwest has the lowest closing costs. What can you expect to pay in your state?
Mortgages rise for the first time in four months because a banker in Frankfurt opens his mouth.
With an aimless Congress, feeble Fed and infirm Europe, there's no oomph to boost mortgages.
If you increase your home loan payments to twice a month, you can save on interest.
Low mortgage rates and a limited supply of homes could heat up the housing market.
The U.S. mortgage market walks into a bar. The bartender says: "Why the low rates?"
This financing option puts one mortgage on top of another to avoid paying private mortgage insurance.
Mortgage rates fall to record lows because of sputtering employment and political uncertainty.
Jumbo loans were hard to find for a while, but they've returned. How do you qualify for one?
A low-rate adjustable jumbo mortgage costs less at first -- at the risk of increases later.
Mortgages test a new low, despite Europe's latest effort to ease its debt crisis.
Those folks in Europe really know how to hold down mortgage rates in the States.
Turmoil in Europe brings contentment to borrowers in the States because of low rates.
The 30-year fixed is in record territory again. But can you actually snag that rate?
Low rates let borrowers refinance their mortgages mere months after their previous refis.
Mortgage rates have dropped to a record low again. How about refinancing into a 15-year loan?
Can you afford a house? Mortgage rates are at rock bottom and home prices are about to climb.
As mortgage rates fall below 4 percent, homeowners are refinancing in droves.
Cash-in? Cash-out? HARP? There's more than one way to refinance and grab today's low rates.
As mortgage rates fall to a record low, why aren't more people buying houses?
She got the house, he got the second mortgage. Need he pay it off if she sells the house?
The interest may be too high a price for the tax write-offs from an interest-only mortgage.
The Fed and the debt-squabbling Europeans are behind mortgage rates' long stay in the cellar.
A borrower can take out a loan where the balance doesn't go down and only interest is paid.
As a mortgage is paid down and market value increases, a home becomes more valuable to the owner.
Mortgage fees are rising, and competition for houses is heating up as the weather warms.
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