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8 ways that homebuyers annoy sellers

Don't: Renegotiate after striking a deal
Don't: Try to renegotiate after striking a deal © Maximus Art/

Don't: Renegotiate after striking a deal

Another thing that drives sellers nuts? Buyers who agree on a price, only to repeatedly demand concessions and discounts.

One big point of contention is the inspection.

Barring unwelcome surprises or revelations that a seller concealed something, the negotiated price should be the final price, Laricy says.

If you estimate the furnace has about five good years left, then confirming that detail in black and white is not an excuse to demand a new furnace or its monetary equivalent, he says. And some buyers have asked for both, he adds.

With an existing home, "a realistic buyer knows everything's not going to be perfect," Laricy says.

But a signed contract "doesn't stop a purchaser from trying to renegotiate," Lubin says.

Buyers will say the market has changed, say "they overpaid because they just got caught up in the moment" or suffer buyer's remorse, he says.

"It's extremely awkward," Lubin says. "It's violating the terms of the contract, and it's insulting."


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