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8 ways that homebuyers annoy sellers

Don't: Ignore 'house rules'
Don't: Ignore 'house rules' © Boris Sosnovyy/

Just because it's a home doesn't mean it's your home. At least, not yet.

Some prospective buyers treat a home like they've been living there for decades -- unlocking doors, cranking up the heat or air conditioning, and letting their kids run wild, bounce on the furniture, and borrow toys.

Some looky-loos use the toilet -- which gets problematic if the house isn't occupied and the water has been turned off, Ramsey says.

Sellers are allowed to set some ground rules ("no shoes" is a popular one), which are included in the showing instructions, Ramsey says. And if sellers aren't home, it's up to agents to enforce those rules, he says.

"I tell buyers 'Let's just pretend we're walking into the White House,'" Ramsey says.

Another tactic that's helpful to both sides: "I talk to my buyers about the trend of sellers putting (microphones and) cameras in the home," says Lisa Ramsey, Realtor with The Ramsey Group.

From baby monitors to teddy-cams to suspiciously open laptops, "I go into every house assuming there's a recording device in the house," she says. "We're not going to talk money or strategy in the house."


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