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Do home warranty programs pay off?

Home warranties only promise to keep home elements functioning, not to provide homeowners with new appliances. Nonetheless, Hicks says consumers get frustrated because they cannot make decisions about whether to repair or replace an item, or about the service providers who do the work.

"Home warranty policies have topped the list of most-complained-about categories for the past five years on Angie's List," Hicks says. "The complaints are usually because consumers don't understand what's covered in the policy."

Hicks says that because new homes rarely require repairs, complaints generally center on home warranty policies on existing homes.

"Our members complain about the lack of control over the subcontractors sent to do the work and their recommendations," she says.

However, Knighten disagrees with the criticisms leveled at home warranty programs. He says consumers need to realize that they get what they pay for.

"Most home warranties cost about $400 and are covering about $20,000 worth of items such as the HVAC, appliances, electrical systems and plumbing," Knighten says. "Consumers need to be realistic and understand that they are paying for the peace of mind of knowing that repairs will be made when needed. They cannot expect a home warranty that costs $400 to pay for a new $6,000 heat pump if it can be repaired so that it works again."

Getting the most

Hicks acknowledges that home warranty policies can provide real benefits for some homeowners.

"Some home warranty policies can work out well, especially if someone has purchased an older home," Hicks says.

So, how can you make sure these policies work for you?

Knighten says consumers should have realistic expectations of a home warranty policy.

"A lot of people expect a warranty to replace their appliances or to repair things that were never working," says Knighten. "Consumers need to understand what the policy covers and what it doesn't."

Knighten recommends home sellers and real estate agents look for a home warranty company with a long-term history in their area and compare different programs for coverage levels and deductibles.

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