Summer 2011 mortgage trends
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5 housing trends in summer 2011

Rates might remain low, but not quite this low
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Rates might remain low, but not quite this low

Mortgage rates are near record lows, but some mortgage experts say the party won't last long as they expect rates to climb in the next few months. They don't foresee a major spike, but rather an adjustment to bring them back to "normal" levels.

Michael Becker, a mortgage banker at Happy Mortgage in Lutherville, Md., says rates eventually will rise, but it's not likely to happen until the U.S. economy becomes stronger.

"I think the low rates will last at least through the summer," he says. "But they may start rising before that if the economy shows some improvement."

As many others in the mortgage industry, Becker's advice is to take advantage of the low rates available now rather than gambling on the possibility of getting an even better deal if you wait.




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