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11 must-haves to sell to millennial homebuyers

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Big kitchen, open-floor plan
Big kitchen, open floor plan | BLOOMimage/Getty Images

Big kitchen, open-floor plan

A generation ago, formal dining rooms may have been on every buyer's wish list. But today there really isn't much appeal to the formal dining room, according to Lou Cardillo of The Lou Cardillo Home Selling Team in Yorktown Heights, New York.

"The kitchen has become the hangout room along with the family room," says Cardillo. "An open space that can easily transition from kitchen to TV room is high on the list of the perfect home for young buyers. In essence, the kitchen is the new living room."

Along similar lines, Curtis says today's young buyers are also more attracted to an open floor plan, rather than a layout that compartmentalizes the home. Again, the reason has a lot to do with how younger homeowners entertain.

"They want people to flow through the home during gatherings, rather than be sectioned off in rooms," Curtis says.

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