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9 items homebuyers desire in 2011

Touches of luxury
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Touches of luxury

Buyers like luxury. And sometimes the amenities that convey that feeling of living large are relatively simple or inexpensive.

One example: coffee bars in the master bedroom. "It's like a butler's pantry in your bedroom," Pratt says. "An area for your coffee pot and accoutrements and a little fridge."

The feature has been popular, especially in high-end homes, for about five years, she says.

Another luxury touch: high-dollar finishes in less-expensive homes, Knoll says. Granite counters and stainless steel appliances, marble tiles in the bathrooms and vessel or undermount sinks continue to impress, he says.

Buyers also like "a living space where you can have barstools and do some entertaining," he says.

Says Knoll, "There is a sex appeal about housing, and they do get excited about those kinds of things."




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