9 auto insurance discounts not to be missed

Insurance » 9 Car Insurance Discounts Not To Be Missed

Are you getting every discount you can?
Are you getting every discount you can?

Auto insurance is one of those unavoidable costs that go with owning a vehicle. But one thing you can avoid is paying too much for your policy.

Prices for auto insurance can differ by hundreds of dollars, according to the New York-based trade group the Insurance Information Institute. Companies offer loads of opportunities for you to cut your premiums through discounts that can be based on a wide range of things, including your driving habits, your occupation, the fancy features on your vehicle and whether your kid gets a good report card.

Some car insurance discounts are common, while others are more unusual.

Read on to see if you're getting all your entitled savings. Keep in mind that some price breaks may not be available in all states.


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