7 ways to drive car insurance up or down

Time to check your car insurance premium
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Time to check your car insurance premium

Nothing is forever -- and that also applies to your car insurance premium.

Any number of factors and life changes can send your annual premiums up or down. According to "Insurance for Dummies" author Jack Hungelmann, some changes may even affect coverage that you take for granted.

"Almost every change in status can impact your (car) insurance," he says.

Kimberly Lankford is a contributing editor for Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine and author of "The Insurance Maze." She says most life changes, such as retirement, marriage or a teenager getting a driver's license, should be viewed as opportunities for reviewing your car insurance and shopping around for a lower premium.

Bankrate offers seven changes with the power to alter your premiums either directly or by forcing an adjustment in coverage.




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