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Paying the piper -- We all know what we want in a house -- it's paying for it that very often is the problem. And finding the money for that down payment is the No. 1 obstacle in the path. As you search for the home of your dreams take time to discover what mortgages are all about and how to find the one that best suits your lifestyle and bank account.
Home Buyer's Guide
30 yr fixed mtg 3.85%
15 yr fixed mtg 2.95%
5/1 jumbo ARM 3.61%
Estimate your FICO score
How much house can you afford?
Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Mortgages and how they work
Key elements of mortgage loans -- From what goes into each payment to a plain-talk explanation of how amortization works.

What's better, a fixed or adjustable rate? -- How the choose between the low initial cost of the adjustable rate mortgage and the payment security of a fixed rate plan.

10 questions to ask before you sign a mortgage -- Here are the 10 key questions to ask at application time to help you find the best overall mortgage loan.

A look at available options
Pros and cons of VA loans -- The no-money-down option helps, but they're not for everyone.

Differences between FHA and conventional mortgages -- One major distinction is that you don't need much of a down payment for FHA.

Other types of mortgages -- The mortgage market is more diverse than many think. Here are eight more ways to finance a home.

Alternative ways to finance -- Choices for borrowers expand to include zero-down, portable, interest only, hybrid and no-interest piggyback loans.

Getting the best deal for you
Beating the down payment blues -- See the rate you want, but don't have the cash you need? Don't despair. There are plenty of ways to find help.

How to avoid PMI premiums -- Sometimes, homeowners can drop private mortgage insurance earlier than the normal rules allow.

Finding a mortgage online -- Home buyers can bypass the yellow pages and go online to search for the best rates and apply for loans.

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