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Exclusive   2008 closing costs study
  STATISTIC: Oregon jumped from 41st to 20th most expensive  
  closing costs in 2008.  
Tools & work sheets

Tools and work sheets


Closing costs are just part of the price of purchasing a home. Here are some helpful resources for mortgages, closing and other real estate topics.

Calculators and work sheets

How much house can you afford?
Mortgage amortization calculator
What type of mortgage should you get?
Fixed or adjustable rate mortgage?
Compare mortgage rates in your area
Calculate settlement costs
Interviewing a mortgage lender

Glossary terms

Closing costs
Closing statement
HUD-1 statement
Good faith estimate

Other resources

FeeDisclosure.com: Compare closing costs by ZIP code
Survival guide to a real estate closing
Adjustable-rate mortgage contract primer
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
-- Posted: Aug. 7, 2008
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