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Glossary of identity theft terms

Bamboozled by bots? Annoyed by adware? Use this glossary to get a handle on commonly used terms by researchers in the field of identity fraud.

Glossary of identity theft terms

1. Adware -- Software that serves up ads based on your previous searches. Free software can come with adware that pays for its use. Generally adware differs from spyware in that it notifies the user of how the program works and its intent.

2. Antispyware -- Software that removes or blocks spyware.

3. Antivirus -- Antivirus software protects your computer against malware. It scans the hard drive for viruses and removes them. It also looks for aberrant behavior in programs that can signal an infection.

4. Authentication -- The process of verifying identity.

5. Bot -- Short for robot. A computer program that performs automated tasks. Can be used maliciously to scan for passwords, search browsing history, capture keystrokes, send spam and report information to a third party across the Internet.

-- Posted: April 21, 2008
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