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Financial Literacy - Taxes
Tax planning tool kit
Calculators, work sheets and resources to help make paying taxes almost painless.
Taxes made easy

Self-help tools, tips and more  
You'll never fear taxes again with Bankrate's collection of calculators, work sheets and helpful links.

  4 tax moves not to make until 08
  7 tax terrors
  Your online tax-paying options
  Form W-4: the beginning of your working life
  Ill-fitting forms could mean slow refunds
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Calculators and decision tools
What is your net worth?
Retirement contribution effects on your paycheck
Interactive IRA picker
The 529 college-savings-plan estimator

Terms to know
Tax terms and definitions

Work sheets
Capital gains and losses work sheet
Charitable donation work sheet
Investment cost basis work sheet
Medical and dental expenses work sheet
Moving expenses work sheet
Tax preparation checklist

Tax basics
Checking and adjusting your withholding
Choosing the correct form
Determining taxable income
Deductions: the first step to cutting your tax bill
Tax credits: the better way to cut your tax bill
Death and taxes: the inevitable

Outside resources
Federal government resources
IRS forms
Instructions for Free File with the IRS
The history of the U.S. tax system
Tax counseling for the elderly
Federal tax credits for energy efficiency
16th amendment to the U.S. constitution: Federal income tax (1913)
Further outside resources
Taxes: What you need to know
1040 tax calculator
AARP: tax aide

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